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What it means to be Closed For Business.

Being closed for business in 2010 following the Tornado that devastated Goderich was one of the most stressful times in my life. While we coped with insurance and the stress of rebuilding it wasn't until much later on that I realized being closed was also a blessing.  We had insurance, not only for the loss of contents but for the business interruption as well. Our town did an amazing job of restoring and business eventually became better than ever. In reality I was off work during a very trying time while we coped with injuries from a car accident.  This time is different.

We are closed for business because of something that affects not just our community but every community globally and I am vibrantly aware that I am at the very bottom of the pile where essential service is concerned.  There is no grey area here.  Initially my greatest concern was the temporary loss of momentum and how to best look after the amazing employee I have.  With the Government aid packages I can relax somewhat knowing that she will have access to programs to get her through. I am thrilled that the past year of working hard to create a fully functional website will pay off.  I am ahead of the small business curve! Then I realize I have no real way of distribution without going against the #stayathome mandate. The reality sets in, am self employed, I have NO income, NO insurance, and really NO way to take the government up on the 75% wage subsidy when non-essential businesses are fully closed.  I see other businesses across different communities continue to operate a hands-off, pick up at the doorway approach.  I re-read the mandates to come to a full understanding - closed means closed?  I have not been promoting my website for this reason.  I don't want to encourage someone to leave their home for a small item.  I don't want to turn away business either. The war within! #weareallinthistogether or are we.  It is hard not to be jealous of the sectors that remain gainfully employed or the business that remain unaffected.  I can only believe that when this is over we will survive and be better than ever.  

I thought I would use my time wisely to do my accounting, finish customer orders, update the way items are structured on my website and most importantly paint, paint, paint  That hasn't happened as I am distracted by the constant barrage of news of the changing world around me.  There is always tomorrow, then I will try harder to focus and accomplish.

So until I know better I will remain closed and hope you are waiting to visit me when this is over. #shoplocal #Imissyouall

The blessing in this. I am well established having been in business for almost 30 years and now I am home to look after this beautiful litter of puppies and give them my much needed full attention.

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