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A Student's Debt Payment Begins

Arnold Schwarzenegger framing student

Hey! It's Austyn here, making a somewhat mandatory blog, but only because I want to make one. You're gonna love these blog posts if you enjoy a little bit of funny story time that has a tendency to go a little bit... off the rails... Starting last month I joined Elizabeth's Art Gallery here in Goderich as part of a cooperative education program at the high school I'm attending, and part of that program involves recording my time at wherever I might be placed. Hence why I agreed to write a blog on the website for the gallery when the opportunity appeared.

I first discovered this place about a year ago when I sketched a close friend of mine as if he were as buff as Arnold Schwarzenegger in nothing but a little pink towel as a joke. To take the joke further (and to spite him), I looked into custom framing and found this place, where I then asked if a frame could be fitted to my mocking representation of this friend. For some reason the people here took me seriously enough to actually take me into the back of the establishment where I got to see the entire start-to-finish process of creating a brand new frame. 

Once all was said and done, I realized that I just so happened to catch the Gallery in their annual custom framing sale. I asked how much I would have to shell out for this cruel, overpriced laugh at my friend's expense, and was flabbergasted when I heard that they would give me the frame for free if the Gallery could use a picture of it as advertisement for public creators on their social media!

So not only was my friend hilariously misrepresented as an almost-naked buff 80's action star, and not only was it framed and shown around our classes much to his dismay, but it was also put online for the world to see and appreciate! Naturally he shot me a very condescending look for taking a simple gag this far, but in the end we both knew it was nothing but something to laugh at. We're still friends today anyways, in case anyone was wondering if my tendency to take things a million times further than they need to be cost me a friend at all that day. The two of us are still good.

That does leave me with an over-impending sense of debt to follow up on though. Y'know, debt that isn't actually there. Therefore to make up for the free item, I decided to begin my coop placement here and work off said debt by putting in 180 hours or moreHm. I never really thought about it until I sat down and wrote this right now, but I think I took a small thing too far again...