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TriArt Acrylic Paint Marker Fine

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$8.55 - $8.55
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Paint Markers are a new format for the FQ (Finest Quality) professional acrylic level. The markers are loaded with highly pigmented, lightfast colours that will not bleed and are water permanent when dry. They are odourless and easily clean up with soap and water. The paint flows from the tips in a smooth, even layer. Due to the thinly dispersed paint application, the drying time is quick, allowing for subsequent layers or additional painting applications to be applied in a single session. The finish, lustre and opacity will be determined by the colour's pigment as no fillers are added.

How to Use:

  • Shake to mix paint/remove any separation.
  • Push to prime the marker tip.
  • Paint.

Appropriate Surfaces:

  • Paper
  • Wood Surfaces
  • Glass
  • Canvas/Fabric
  • Matte surfaces prepared for water-based paint applications.

Proper Storing:
Store on side during long periods of downtime.