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Walter Foster - Acrylic Made Easy - Getting Started

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This dynamic technique and project-driven series is devoted to introducing beginning and intermediate artists to the fun and engaging world of acrylic painting. Beginning with an overview on a variety of tools and materials, artists will learn how to select the right brushes, palettes, paints, paper and surfaces for their work. This introductory guide also covers various acrylic gels and mediums and how to use them with acrylic paint to achieve various effects. It also provides artists with an overview of basic color theory and how to mix colors effectively, plan a composition and achieve proper perspective. Additionally, fine artists will learn a range of basic painting techniques, such as creating washes, drybrushing, stippling, scumbling and more. Through a collection of approachable step-by-step projects artists will be able to put their newfound acrylic skills to use, starting with initial sketches and culminating in final works of art. With inspiration, instruction, and professional tips and tricks on virtually every page, these full-color books are a great resource for acrylic artists.