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Framing Journeys - Beach or Bust!

Framing Journeys - Beach or Bust!

We love it when 'beachy' art comes through our doors to be framed - it gets us in the mood for sun-filled days by the water!
We got to try out a new line of framing from Larson Juhl called "Carnivale”, featuring very playful colours with a light rustic appeal.

This customer chose "Rainfall Blue" highlighting the blues and turquoises in the painting without being overstated.

There are raised paint areas on the painting so we selected a double thick mat to ensure the glass is well spaced from the artwork.  Not only does a double thick mat gives this the needed space, but it also adds beautiful presence and depth to the whole piece. Top it off with ART GLASS for UV protection and a look that says “What there’s glass on that?” 

Excited to hang their artwork! A special piece painted by his sister at a location enjoyed by all of them.

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