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OPEN - MON-SAT 10am-5pm
OPEN - MON-SAT 10am-5pm (Check GOOGLE for Holiday Hours)

Art Ware

Love a little landscape in so many ways. 

Elizabeth is always searching for the most unique ways to diversify her collection of usable and giftable ART ware, most of which she makes here at the gallery. 

A high resolution digital file of every completed painting is made to start the process.  Once scanned and colour matched the file is archived for future use.
Learn about our Fine Art Reproduction services for artists.

Made by Elizabeth

We can’t possibly make (and list) every item possible for every painting, but every painting is available to custom order of all these amazing products.  Browse through our FINE ART PRINTS for a complete catalogue of images. Any of these items can be picked-up in the gallery or shipped directly to you. 

 "When I make a product from a painting it's like I am giving it another life and I am always so delighted to see my art in different ways.  You can't imagine the feeling I had the first time I passed a stranger on the sidewalk wearing one of my shirts!  The act of creating the painting for its own sake and story will always be my priority, however, if it works in other ways...yeah!" ~ Elizabeth

Made in Montreal

Our collections of dresses, leggings, pillows, scarves, bags, and books are all designed by Elizabeth and manufactured on demand in Montreal. Once you place an order that item is created and sent to you directly.  We do carry a selection of some of these items to display in the Gallery along side the original paintings, however, all orders placed online are only available shipped to you.  To have and hold in person it stop and enjoy what we have on display.