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OPEN - MON-SAT 10am-5pm

New Art Exhibition


In celebration of over 30 years in business Elizabeth van den Broeck and Natalie Laakes-Hussey have collaberated to create "Surroundings", a stunning collection of new paintings by both artists.  

“Surroundings” to me embodies my visual delight in my immediate natural environment. I am blessed to live on the eastern corner of Little Lakes Road steeped in the history of Balls Bridge and the Menesetung river, a river that has threaded it way through my life since childhood. Pushing my sense of colour to the boundaries, I'm excited to share with you just how much I love our local landscape.


In what way do your "Surroundings" impact you? Personally, my natural surroundings have always served as a gateway to a world immersed in imagination. As a child, I would run barefoot through the countryside and allowed myself to envision trees as figures, interpret flowing waters as music, and feel the soothing touch of a gentle breeze. Through my series, I seek to convey a vibrant personification of the natural world, harmoniously balanced with the raw texture of linen.