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Tri-Art Polymer Medium Matte 250ml

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May be used to extend volume and maintain the thin, smooth application of Liquid colours or reduce the viscosity of thick format colours. Will increase the flow of colours without compromising the acrylic paint film, making them ideal for thin layer applications and fine-detail painting. Will maintain good adhesion to surfaces, ideal for mixed media and collage work. May be used with Tri-Art acrylic colours in any proportion, for desired tints and transparency. May be applied on top of a dry layer of paint or mixed in with colours prior to applying to a surface. To obtain thick layers it is best to apply multiple thinner coats. Made with 100% acrylic emulsion. Tri-Art's Polymer Mediums are liquid mediums that appear white when in a wet state and will dry glossy, clear and transparent or with reduced gloss, clarity and transparency depending on their gloss factor.