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Taming the Dragon

Taming the Dragon

Every year the Celtic Festival blows like a colourful musical wind throughout the town.  Things are different this year and we will miss our creative crowd here at the gallery. 

Each year Linda Wiebe designs the iconic image that represents the festival.  We scan the painting to a high resolution digital image for her and set off to create the perfect frame for this amazing artwork as our donation to the festival fundraiser.

This year we thought the dragon needed a green scaly frame and our solution was to hand dye this celtic inspired moulding with Jacard Pinata Alcohol ink.  

The result was amazing and not much else was needed to set off this graphic piece.  A double thick archival matting and ultra clear art glass makes this work glow.

We are so proud of the creativity in our community with its vibrant festivals and strong arts presence that can still be felt even with the changes brought on by Covid 19.  We are blessed to be here and look forward to seeing all of our celtic friends that billet in our home, community and gallery classroom next year.

Be sure to order your own Fine Art Print of this image from Linda Wiebe to add to your collection. Tame your own dragon at Elizabeth's and receive a 25% discount on the framing.

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