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Gotta Go Big

Gotta Go Big

Sometimes you have to take an idea big and just run with it.

Enlarging An Oil SketchOil sketch

I was so enamoured by this oil sketch that I needed to see what it would look like supersized.

Featuring Primary Cyan Lucas oil paint, thinned with Tri Art Odourless Solvent on Arches Oil Paper. One of my favourite combinations. Try it for yourself, the paint goes on to the paper is such a luscious and jewel like way.

After creating a high resolution digital scan and running a big canvas print, stretching is required. I happen to have the tools to do just that. One of my OCD’s is attention to detail front and back to the point of making even the staples face the same direction.  I am pretty sure this compulsion is a gift from my dad who is at the shop every day as our framer.  

Canvas stretcher bars.

Because of the size, I opted for 2 full width cross braces as well as corner cross braces. Perfectly stretched with tidy tucked corners. We always place the fold-over on the top and bottom of a canvas stretch so it can’t be seen from the sides

Perfect canvas stretch

Custom stretching of clients paintings purchased while on holidays or canvas prints/paintings ordered online is one of the most common framing tasks we do at the gallery.

Ta-da It’s Supersized
Supersized sketch on canvas.

Almost as tall as me! Now what?

I haven’t actually decided what to do with it from here.  Most likely I will continue on with paint and use this as the base to a new painting, or maybe I will continue to enjoy it just the way it is.  I will just have to wait and see what happens when inspiration strikes again on this project.  I often walk away from thing for a year or more until they come back to me.  

Are you an artist. I can enlarge your sketches or paintings in the same way.



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