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I experimented... and then this happened!

I experimented... and then this happened!

TriArt Paint Markers

The other day I took home a 24"x24" canvas. For the past few years I have been painting oil on paper so it has quite some time since I have touched acrylics and canvas.  My teeny tiny studio in my new house is short on supplies but I happened to have a couple of paint markers in the bin that I had been meaning to test out. 

TIP - Break the barrier of a fresh white canvas by covering it with a colour that makes you happy.  If you use a spreader instead of a brush you get a nice even coat. No paint is wasted and no brush needs to be cleaned!

Spreading Paint

Paint markers are loaded with highly pigmented, lightfast colours that will not bleed and are water permanent when dry. The paint flows from the tips in a smooth, even layer.

Loose Sketching

Using the broad white marker I very loosely sketched in my image.  (Sketching from a photograph of the creek at the bottom corner of my property.) Love how the marker flowed just enough to get some lines and indications of where I plan my highlights.  What fun!

Sketching with paintmarkers

 Why Stop There?

I happened to also have the big black marker as well and decided to use it to work in some shadows.  The black flowed super velvety and opaque.  I could go back and forth between the black and white all day.  Its a sketch so I can give myself permission to be loose and forgiving with it.

Sketching the shadows.

It's meant to be an underpainting.

Well that was fun, but, now I need to make this into an underpainting.  Ready for me to go searching through it to find the happenstance negative spaces that the loose sketch created.  I wanted to push the contrast of the blacks and whites closer together so I chose to glaze the whole canvas over with cadmium orange and satin glazing liquid This creates a uniformity to the image and I am ready to start working on finding the painting that it will become.
Glazing the sketch
But for now, the doors of the gallery need to be opened, products need to be tagged and shelved, printing needs to be done and customers are lining up to select custom framing.  You and I will have to wait and see where this goes next.  My creative process means I have to do what I can when the time presents and many projects are started ready for me to get back to them when time and passion come together.
Thanks for reading this far. Bonus just for you. Try our Triart Paint Markers for yourself. Use code PMARK20 and get a 20% discount online or mention the code and receive the discount in store for the month of March. 
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