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Derwent Shade and Tone Mixed Media Set

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Derwent Shade and Tone Paint Pan set. Includes everything you need to experiment with shade and tone.

Experiment with shade, tone and form with this curated set of natural paint colours with black, terracotta and graphite pencils. Perfect for creating landscapes, portraits and tonal drawings.

The set contains 12 pans with 7 Inktense colours, 2 Graphitint colours, 2 Tinted Charcoal colours and 1 Pastel colour. A Terracotta Drawing pencil, Dark Onyx pencil and a Graphic B pencil are included for expressive sketching and form drawing.

Also included is a mini waterbrush, a sponge to clean it and a five-part mixing palette incorporated into the lid of the set.

This set is beautifully portable, measuring just 147mm x 100mm x 23mm.