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Fox Chapel Publishing - Learn How to Draw Celtic Designs

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The intricate, beautiful designs of traditional Celtic art have enduring fascination for people around the world. Discover how to draw and decorate in the authentic Celtic style with this essential guide. Nationally known artist and best-selling author Lora S. Irish unravels the secrets of Celtic knot work. She shows how to apply expert techniques to draw all of the classic elements of Celtic art. These sinuous knots, mythical creatures and ornate braids make fantastic adornments for a multitude of arts and crafts. This treasure trove of Celtic designs offers more than 150 original, ready-to-use patterns. Each design can easily be altered to create dozens of additional patterns for your own artwork, giving you the potential to create hundreds of new designs. More than 150 original, ready-to-use patterns show how to draw twists, knots, braids, corners, animals and finials. Perfect for woodworking, pyrography, leatherwork, needlecraft and more!