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Winnie's Picks - Paint by Numbers - Birds in the Fall

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Birds in the Fall is the perfect painting for those who want to keep the spirit of autumn alive in their homes. Among the colorful maple leaves of the trees, birds of all sizes and colors can be seen taking shelter in a birdhouse, placed there to help them survive the cold seasons. 

For many people, nature becomes the most beautiful during the fall, when the trees change their colors into beautiful, warm, vivid oranges and reds. Trees full of orange leaves have been a subject in painting for a very long time, as people fascinated with the magic of autumn wished to evoke their feeling of admiration towards nature and its changes. 

In this painting, a small wooden birdhouse is depicted sitting among the autumn trees. Many nature lovers love placing birdhouses in autumn so that they can help them survive the colder weather, and also admire them as they gather around in the trees. The birds are all unique and painted in various tones of blue, red, black and white, symbolizing the diversity of nature. The autumn scenery is completed by the bright orange leaves surrounding the birdhouse, making one feel warm and cozy in an otherwise cold season.