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Winnie's Picks - Paint by Numbers - Reflections

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Reflections by Johnathan Harris is a mountain paint by number for adults, in this painting the majestic mountains covered with snow and trees while their reflections in the lake show the stillness of the water. The colors used in this painting are refreshing and vibrant. This art really captures the spirit of the nature reserves in the US. This could be inspired by the Yosemite National Park in California. The Reflections of the conifers and the mountains are beautifully seized.  

California is full of hidden gems for all the nature lovers, the sceneries take your breath away and are so beautifully captures in Johnathan Harris' work.  

His work mainly represents the dry American deserts or the various European landscapes. Although simple, the choices of his subjects are all meaningful and rich. The colors and the techniques used in his paintings are magical, with very vivid colors and high contrast that really marks his style. It is a privilege for Winnie's Picks to offer his work to his admirers or to make you discover his bright and energic art through paint by numbers. 

Jonathan Harris' style is absolutely original and recognizable in the way he uses vibrant colors. After visiting the South West of America, Harris was very captivated by the beauty of that desertic landscape. He later becomes fascinated by all the beauty that is hidden in the wild and they then became the main focus of his paintings. Johnathan Harris knew he wanted to do art from an early age, and soon, all the places he had visited became the main subjects of his work.